Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Origin of the Species

We are going through a unit on evolution right now in my Biology class. It has been pretty crazy to see all the evidences there are for how life has and is evolving.

There's stuff like little leg-like structures in snakes, the diversity of dogs (who all have a common ancestor), fossils that show different links between species, and things like wisdom teeth and appendixes that don't have any specific function. All these things point to the fact that animals and humans have common ancestors which they evolved from.

Ok, so do I believe all of this? It's difficult to say because there is so much I read from the scriptures that contradicts this world view. I'll figure it out someday.


  1. Yes, there are links between species. We are all only a few differences away from other beings in the animal kingdom. Logic doesn't dictate that we are necessarily then derived from the same evolutionary ancestor, although one could make that speculation. Maybe it just points to the fact that we have the same Creator.

    And yes, species have evolved somewhat. Birds changing color or "survival of the fittest" making certain traits dominant due to adaptation. However, how long that takes for just a beak to change shape could cause one to conclude that we could not have evolved into the vast array of species that populate our planet now.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I thought of how long it would take for a fish with legs to turn into a dragonfly or a lemur or an eagle. It just doesn't seem plausible even if the world is 4.6 billion years old.

  3. I hate science for this exact reason. I have no idea what is right and not... it all makes sense. I just trust my testimony and let everything else work itself out.